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India Water ProfessionalsAll water professionals with experience in India and attendees of the annual India Water week are welcome to exchange experience, data, case studies, ideas and technology. Presentations from India Water Weeks are published in the Library collections for each year.

Scientists are using NASA satellite data to text Bangladeshi farmers water-saving strategies

The subterranean chemistry that explains India’s groundwater contamination

Air to Water Technology - TERI Policy Brief

Public health performance of sanitation technologies in Tamil Nadu, India

Whirlpool bets big on detergent and water-free washing; launches new designed for India technology

Evaluation of water quality index and geochemical characteristics of surfacewater fromTawang India

Economic Impact of Geospatial Technologies: An Indian Context

Sustainable Technology - Driving Resilience For The Indian Farmer | Forbes India

A new approach to decontaminating Bengaluru’s wastewater

Improved water management system for toxic textile effluents developed

Meet the young CEO who is successfully trying to combat India’s water crisis


Resilience in canal irrigation systems

CSIR-NCL lab leverages Ayurveda for safe drinking water technology

Extracting 90% water from urine

Tracking India’s Progress in Clean Water and Sanitation: A Sub-National Analysis

India’s Enduring War of Water Governance Paradigms

Wassup Laundry’s waterless wonder works for water woes

Restoration of water resources | Narayanan Kamakodi | TEDxVCSM

7 - AECOM Water Resources Seminar World Bank -16-Sept

Expert panel recommends 5 technologies for drinking water, sanitation

Household Water Treatment & Storage : leaving no one behind

New areas at risk of drinking water arsenic exposure in India

Sofa 8688 part 2: Development Impact Bonds for Urban Sanitation in India

Capacity building key to mainstreaming onsite sanitation management

IoT to ​provide water ​monitoring ​solutions to ​various ​industries

Retrofitting coal power plants with carbon capture may lead to increased water stress

Five steps to convert paper maps to digitized data driven interactive spatial application

"Know Their Story"

Reports on Gujarat WQMS Labs

JanaJal - Safe Water for All

Introduction to Solar Energy Part 2

Toward Managing Rural Drinking Water Quality in the State of Punjab, India

How to use ELECTRE for solving water resource management problems ?

Farmers in Punjab to plant around 25% paddy with DSR technology

Quasi newton artificial neural network training algorithms

Terminology and Basic Questions About GIS

Urban Sanitation – A Challenge Needing Contextual Planning Especially in India

Introduction to particle swarm optimization

LiquiPro Atmospheric Water Generator | Clean and Safe Drinking Water for India

Low-cost interventions to improve water supply systems adopted by the Ministry of Jal Shakti

Rupees 376 cr for reviving 155 water bodies

Satellite technology to help tackle invasive aquatic weeds

Zero-Power Tech Converts 59 Million Litres of Sewage into Reusable Water

How the North East uses traditional means to harvest rain water

Early-Stage Innovations in Water: An Akamai India CSR Flagship Initiative

TERI partners with start-up to generate water from air moisture

A multi-level inverter for solar water pumps

Why new policies are needed to tackle India’s orphaned wells with no water

India Plans $50 Billion Push to Supply Piped Water to All Homes

Kent RO Chairman Mahesh Gupta unveils "ZERO WATER WASTAGE TECHNOLOGY" while talking to Ten News

How serious the problem is in India and the way out.

Modi unveils plan to tackle water shortages in India's heartland states

RO water purifier with first of its kind Zero water wastage technology

At Capgemini’s tech hackathon, 55 finalists compete to solve India's water crisis

Cusat deploys ocean data buoy system to monitor water quality in Cochin estuary

Public Water and the Intimacy of Hydraulics - Case Mumbai

Exploring Bengaluru’s sustainable garden terminal

An innovation of clean water for everyone | Planet Healers E2P2 | Discovery Channel India

Water to be pumped into Bhatti Mines to raise groundwater levels

Delhi water row: 32 teams to collect 1,400 water samples; test results in one month


Lessons from the Cholas - Part one

Feni river agreement offers hope

Revisiting the Indus Water Treaty

Treating Sewage Water to Make it Drinkable Could Hold the Answer to Delhi’s Water Woes (Video)

Intelligent Water Supply Network Monitoring and Water Distribution Control within a Megacity

Bihar Flood: Dewatering Machine Clears Flood Water in Patna's SK Puri (Video)

India Could Soon have ‘Water Refugees,’ Warns Top Expert (Video)

Surdi Village Story: WINNER of Water Cup 2019 | Paani Foundation | English Subtitles

Major Water Shortages and Other Stressors Raise Risks for India’s Coal Sector

Greater Chennai Corp. to Tap BARC's Hybrid Granular SBR Technology to Restore Villivakkam Lake

Punjab Government Signs MoU with IIT Ropar to Research on Clean Air, Water, Soil & Waste Management

India Revives Traditional Methods to Tackle Water Scarcity

India: The Human Side of the Climate Crisis (Overview)

IIT Kharagpur To Lead EU-Funded Project For Treatment, Reuse Of Wastewater

Chennai Water Crisis: Balancing T.N.’s Growth Model

India Science Wire: For Water Purification, One Size Does Not Fit All

BARC's Nanofiltration Technology Can Help Punjab Get Heavy Metal-Free Drinking Water

Wastewater Solutions for Paper Industry (Video Case Study)

Indian Water Purification Startup Raises Pre Series A Round from Technology Department Board

How India's Biggest Sewage Treatment Plant in Delhi is Different from Others

IDE Technologies Continues A 50-Year Tradition Of Desalination In The Canary Islands

India to Set Up Floating Desalination Plants Along the Coastline

BWSSB Plans to Supply Treated Lake Water to Residential Units

Four Indian Cities Among the Top 20 Places to Run Out of Groundwater by 2020

Inauguration of the First Portable Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Plant in India (Video)

IDE Technologies to Provide RO Solutions for Singapore’s Jurong Island Desalination Plant

Why India’s worst water crisis could be its best opportunity to address challenges

Indian states have fought over shared rivers for long. Modi must make them cooperate.

Here's What We Know about the Massive Water Crisis in Maharashtra (Video)

India Election 2019: The Looming Water Crisis Politicians Ignore | BBC News

Mombasa Fishermen Decry Raw Sewerage Dumped into the Indian Ocean (Video)

India's Largest Sewage Treatment Plant to Come Up at Okhla

Gujarat to Supply Treated Wastewater for Industrial Use

Ramazan and Continuous Heat Contribute to Water Scarcity in Calcutta

Opinion - It’s time to overhaul water pricing norms in India

Introducing new video tutorial channel

Hyderabad Duo Invents Device That Turns Hard Water Soft for 1/10th the price!

Stalagmite Holds Key to Predicting Droughts, Floods for India

Indian Youth Parliament

Indian Youth Parliament

Water Parliament

5 Indian Startups Determined to Make Clean Water Accessible to All

Department of Water Resources Development and Management (Video Presentation)

India H20: Reaching Sustainable Development Goals by Increasing Rural Access to Clean Water (Video)

Grundfos' CEO on Plans to Replace Submersible Diesel Pumps with Sustainable Solutions in India

Drinking Water and Pollution Among Top Ten Priorities for the Urban Indian Voters

Nearly Half of The Operational Sewage Treatment Plants in Delhi do not Meet Water Quality Standard

New Water Components And O&M Services Business Launched in Ahmedabad

Four ​Large Community ​Irrigation ​Projects to Be Deployed Across ​India

Indian Scientists Transform the Bane of Black Soot into a Boon for Water Purification

Jacobs and Partners to Support Water Resilience in India

New Soil Moisture and Temperature Data Helps Predict Life-threatening Indian Monsoon Rains

Maharashtra, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh Awarded as Top Three States in Water Management

Process Stress in Wastewater Treatment Processes (Survey Invitation)

India and EU to Jointly Develop Water Technologies

Delhi Technological Uni to Build Its Own Sewage Treatment Plant and Develop Solar Power System

Leading Indian Developer Unveils Its ​Water ​Management Plan in Bangalore (Video)

Four Zero Liquid Discharge Projects for Industrial Wastewater Treatment to be Developed in India

Aqua Botanical - 'growing water' from pressed fruits and vegetables

Farmers to Continue Cultivation After a Major Groundwater Crisis

Pennar Enviro Sets Up Pan India Dealer Network for Water Treatment Plants

Wastewater Treatment Plant Installed at Pune Railway Station by Indian Railways (Video)

Grand Anaicut: World's Oldest Water Management Effort (Video)

Indian Government to Launch Technology Mission Centre on Solar Energy & Water Treatment in Chennai

Godavari, Krishna and Cauvery to End Water Disputes in South India

Residents Say ‘No’ to Sewage Treatment Plant

New Water Treatment Plant ​in Aruvikkara ​by Next Year

Bio-adsorbents: Cost-effective Option for Ridding Industrial Wastewater of Heavy Metals

A Three-generation Project: Riverside Development Divides Indian City

Groundwater Monitoring in India to Go Hi-Tech

SUEZ Wins Two Contracts in Southern Indian Cities to Implement 24x7 Water Supply

Reviving Neela Hauz, South Delhi's Biggest Water Body Using Constructed Wetland

MEIL Inaugurates Safe Drinking Water Scheme In Jamulapally

Chennai Staring at a Serious Water Crisis

Ammonia treatment plant may help to meet water needs of East Delhi

Will citizen technology rescue Bengaluru’s lakes in 2019?

Rewind 2018: Is India’s Head Above Water?

Mini Sewage Treatment Plants to Be Built Across Delhi

ICRISAT Institute Saved A Lifetime’s Worth Of Water Over Just Three Years

New Coastal ​Reseach Vessel ​of NIOT

Ghaziabad to Supply Treated Sewage Water to Factories

BMC Plans to Clean Mumbai by Introducing Seven New Sewage Treatment Plants

Arsenic Contamination is Common in Punjabi Wells, Study Finds

Better Wastewater Treatment in India with Dutch Expertise

The Young Boy’s Startup Helps Farmers Fight Water Scarcity in Rajasthan

New Technology Designed to Prevent Casualties in India's Sewers

Striving For A Cleaner Dimapur

Water Recycling Project by Students Filters Waste Water from Institutions

KERASIEV® Ceramic membrane for Primary Brine Refining Process

Maharashtra Government to Set Up Centres to Aid Water Literacy

Technology to Tackle the Toxic Arsenic

Bhindi Seeds ​Can Purify ​Water

The Paradox of India’s Water Problems

ANDRITZ Irrigation ​Project Aids ​Indian Farmers ​

Indian Farmers Using Sewage to Make Saris (VIDEO)

This Waste Warrior From Mumbai has Cleaned 6.7 Tonnes of Trash From 11 Waterfalls!

IIT-J Uses Rajasthani Clay to Clean Water In An Low-Cost & Eco-Friendly Way!

Cauvery committee asks states to give data on water

Swapping Crops Could Save Water and Improve Nutrition in India

New AI System May Help Prevent Water Logging in Cities

Parts of India living in vulnerable climate 'hotspots', says World Bank

India serves up a counter-intuitive report on looming water crisis


Concept Note on Cost Recovery in Water Sector-Cleaned-Final-rev

India's Worst Water Crisis: TV Pannel by 'The Big Picture'

Google ​Technology ​Helps ​Flood Forecasting ​in India ​

State shows how to manage water resources, earns NITI Aayog pat | jaipur | Hindustan Times

India on brink of 'worst water crisis'

Widespread Uranium Contamination Found in India's Groundwater

IIT--Kharagpur and Oxford ​Develop ​Technology for ​Water Treatment

NASA Satellites Reveal Freshwater Decline in India


Plan to Install Water Meters in Patna for Free

Bacteria Isolated from Domestic Sewage Remove Organophosphorous Pesticide

Products Made From Crop Waste May Curb a Tide of Plastic

A Device to Control the Overflow of Water

How companies ​use tech to ​solve ​Bengaluru’​s deep water ​crisis

How IoT-led Startup Faclon Labs Plans to Solve India’s Water Management Problem

IIT Roorkee Launches Competition to Design Advance Bio-toilet

Smart STP AguaX Helps You Keep Track of Recycled Water

Robot Research in the Wild: Water Transport in Rural India

Make Low-cost Water Purifier Using BARC Membrane

Geo-tagging to Monitor Water Sources in Himalayas

5 Ways India Must Help its Farmers Face the Threat of Climate Change

Talk About Water: A Desert Speaks

Why Bengaluru May Face Cape Town Fate

Untreated Water Finds its Way into Hyderabad's Water Bodies

SenRa and NAS Roll Out Remote Metering for Water & Electricity in India

More Efficient Desalination With Crystalline Carbon Dots

40% of India’s Thermal Power Plants Are in Water-Scarce Areas, Threatening Shutdowns

Karnataka Gets Asia’s Largest Drip Irrigation Project with Israeli Tech

Water ATMs Quenching Thirst in Rural Areas

India's Automated Ocean Pollution System to Begin This Year

Pune’s IITM to Develop Models for Agri Prediction, Water Management

The Catastrophic Floods in India: A Perspective on Embankments

Mihir Shah Committee Report (2016) on Water Reforms in India: A Critique

How a Bengaluru-based Company is Working to Transform Sewage into Biodiesel

The Gal-Mobile,​ a Desalination ​and Purification ​Jeep

New Water Filtration Hope for Smart City

Kerala to Use Robots to Clean Sewers, End Manual-Scavenging

Forests Won’t Do the Trick for Rivers

Mega Integration of Water Cycle and Socio-economics of India

Ancient Mauryan Technology Brings Water, Hope to Dry Magadh in Bihar

E. coli ​Contamination ​in Jar Water ​Omnipresent

India-​Israel ​Innovation ​Challenge Water ​Winners

Tamil Nadu Gets $318 Million World Bank Loan For Irrigation Projects

This Indian Startup Has a New Irrigation Method - One That Uses Just an App

10% of Bengaluru Uses Twice the Water it Needs, 50% Gets Less Than Required

SICCA Uses Sensors to Measure Soil Moisture to Optimise Water Usage on Fields

Hydrogeologists’ Warning on Groundwater Goes Unheeded in Karnataka

Meet India's 'Water Mother' Who Helped Provide Water to Over 300 Villages

How Bio-sand Filters are Revolutionising Water Purification in Indian Villages

Gonga SkimBike - Economical, Eco-friendly Device to Remove Trash from Water

Honeywell, USAID, Hyderabad Corporation to Launch 50 Water Kiosks

New Toilets in Trains no Better than Septic Tanks: IIT-M Study

IBM Watson to Resolve Water Scarcity in Bengaluru

Rainwater Harvesting System Helps 2,300 Families Get Daily Water Supply

IIT Bombay’s Very Low Power Water Filter

Vignan University Trio Produces Biogas From Sewage Water

Banana Fiber Sanitary Pads Can Solve Big Problems in India

IIT Hyderabad Uses Activated Jamun to Remove Fluoride from Water

80% of New Delhi’s Tap Water Has Plastic Toxins

SUEZ Helps Bangalore Face Wastewater Treatment Challenge

Most River Basins in India Not Climate Resilient: Study

India Launches Floating Lab on River Brahmaputra

Mānuka Roots Found to Assist Water Quality


Lake to Get New Life Thanks to Treated Sewage Water from Bengaluru

Big Data ​and Community ​Toilets to ​Create a Model ​for Building ​Urban ​Sanitation

Scientists Help to Tackle Spread of Typhoid Overseas

Waterless Eco-San Toilets

First ​water ATM in ​Hyderabad

Indian Scientists Develop Technology for Harvesting Water from Dew

Urban Floods Disarraying Life: The Ugly Truth of Modern India

Neeri Develops Domestic Defluoridator to Fight Fluorosis

Israel's Tips Help India's Farmers Count Every Drop

IIT Ropar Lab to Address Farmers' Soil and Water Related Issues

Western Coalfields Producing Coal Neer from Mine Water

Nissan Introduces Waterless Car Washing Solution in India

India’s Falling Groundwater Storage Being Replenished (Study)

Maharashtra to Get $1 Billion Funding for Drought Proofing

Bangalore Water ​Supply and ​Sewage Report

Water Shortage ​has Started ​Hurting ​India’s ​Energy ​Production ​

Reverse Globalisation by Internationalisation of SMEs

Wastewater for India's Coal Plants an Impractical Dream

"​Shocking" ​Approach to ​Algal Bloom ​Prevention

Time to Focus on ‘More Crop per Drop'

Tata ​Water Missions ​to Reach 12000 ​Villages

Government Wages War Against Depleting Groundwater

Banswara - Kushalgarh SDM Drawn in River

Cost and Energy Saving Reverse Osmosis-based Water Purifier

New Delhi Is Running Out Of Water

India Among 5 Countries Cultivating Raw Wastewater For Irrigation

Delhi Government Devises Plan to Revive Water Bodies

Pune NGO Wins UN Prize for Farming Model that Fights Drought

India Set to Launch National Mission on Desalination

Aquatic Plants Break Down Effluents From Textile Dye Industry

Micro-irrigation in India: An Assessment of Bottlenecks and Realities

India-​Netherlands MoU ​in Water ​Management

Water Board to Use GPS to Check for Pipeline Defects

Apply to Toilet Accelerator: India Edition 2018

India Needs to Map Water to Prepare for Drought and Flood

4 Start-ups That Are Promoting Hydroponics in India

Can Nanotechnology Clean Bellandur Lake?

What Delhi ​Must do to Gain ​Ground on Water ​Harvesting

IARI Developing Water Treatment Plant That Uses Agriculture Waste

Floating Island of Plants to Clean Mumbai’s River

How ​Urbanisation ​and ​Pollution are ​Affecting ​Freshwater ​Bodies

Nicki Minaj Brings Clean Water to Impoverished Indian Village

India Uses Up More Groundwater than US and China

Mumbai to get its first-ever vacuum toilet

Railways ​to Achieve 20% ​Efficiency in ​Water Use by ​2030

Indo-German Collaboration Made Watermills a Success Story

Modern Rain Water Harvesting Pits In NDMC Areas

Bacteria ​in Water Samples ​Resistant to 8 ​Antibiotics

India to Monitor Ocean Pollution With Automated System

Black & Veatch to Prepare Recycled Water Masterplan for BMC

Copper-based ​Water ​Purification ​Device

Pakistan World’s Top Groundwater Exporter, India Ranks 3rd

Pakistan, India, Afghanistan Collaborate on Water Management

Number of Rainy Days Decreasing across River Basins in India

Talking Toilets

Satellite ​Data Helps ​India Fight ​Battle for ​Water

IBM and IIITM-Kerala for Water Quality Measurement System

India’s Food-Water-Energy Nexus: Disaster or Opportunity?

India and World ​Bank Signed $175M Loan for ​Hydrology Project

Increasing Water Use Efficiency in Irrigated Agriculture in India

Swiss Helping India cope with climate change

Japan's OSG to Sell Water Purifiers in India

Grundfos to ​Supply Water ​Treatment to ​Pakistan

Vikram Solar ​Partners ​With Israel’​s Water-​Gen

JanaJal ​Creating Social ​Impact Via ​Water ATMs

IIT Kanpur ​Provides Fund ​for Mobile Water ATM Startup

Is 70% of Delhi Water Unsafe for Drinking?

The water use of Indian diets and socio-demographic factors related to dietary blue water footprint

Detect Water Contamination Via Your Smartphone

World Bank Approves Funding for India's National Hydrology Project

Farm loan waivers and making farmers financially strong

Centre Introduces Bill to Solve Inter-state Water Disputes

Indian ​Startup for ​Sustainable ​Water-saving Urban ​Farming

Creating Value Out of Aluminium Waste in India

Railways to Reduce Water Consumption by 20%

Blue ​Elixir'​s ​Rainwater ​Harvesting ​Structures for ​India

Work on Ken-​Betwa River ​Linking Project ​to Start This ​Year

Poor Sanitation Nullifies Health Gains ​From Clean ​Drinking Water

Coca Cola and ​Pepsi Can Use ​Water From ​Tamiraparani ​River

Punjab ​Is Installing Real ​Time Flow ​Monitoring ​System

Changing Rainfall Patterns Linked to Water Security in India

Access to Sanitation Key for Achieving Gender Equality

Punjab Encouraging Drip Irrigation to Overcome Water Scarcity

Maruti Suzuki India Sets Up 4th Water ATM in Manesar

The Billionaire Backing a Tech Solution to Water Access

Urbanisation and the Destruction of Indian Wetlands

Android App for Water Conservation and Recharge

India Turns to Israeli Firm for Help With Water Pollution

Large Scale Desalination of Sea Water in the Offing

5 Toilets India Should Adopt To Fight Sanitation Problems

Indian Teen Finds Cheap Way to Turn Saltwater into Safe Drinking Water

507 Wetlands in Maha Named as Ramsar Sites

Lack of Sanitation Facilities Puts High Burden on Women

Central Water Commission India Signs MoUs with IIT, IIS on Dam Safety

Ericsson Brings the IoT to Farmers in India

Understanding Open Defecation in Rural India

Solar-powered System to Provide Safe Drinking Water in India

India Asked to Stop Work on J&K Hydro Projects

Israel and India to Collaborate In Water Management

Google Toilet Locator for India!

India’s Farmers Turn to Mobile Apps

Save rivers with traditional knowledge

International Conference on Groundwater Vision 2030

Wetlands to Help Treat Drains

Supreme Court to Hear Plea Seeking Revocation of Indus Water Treaty

Railways to Roll-out Water Management

Changing Rainfall Patterns Linked to Water Security in India

Bhungroo-injection Wells in India

Process for Resolving Pakistan-India Water Dispute

Ericsson Demonstrates IoT Solutions in Andhra Pradesh

Tiruppur's Smart Water

World Bank Chief Discusses Indus Water Dispute

Ken-Betwa River Linking Project Gets Wildlife Board Clearance

Scientists Are Developing Irrigation Maps Of India

Ministry for Human Resource Development and Updation of Existing Indian Standards

6 Startup Ideas That Are Addressing India's Unique Challenges

Water Governance Reform in India

Arsenic Water Filter by IIT Researchers

Indian Company Makes Edible 100% Biodegradable “Plastic” Bags

India's Plan to Create the World's Longest River Costs $168B

Smart Cards for Drinking Water in Slums

International Workshop on Inclusive Cities 19th & 20th December 2016 JMI

Is India Creating a World’s Longest River?

157 Million Indians Still Without Toilets

India and EU Join Hands for Water Cooperation

India and Israel Sign MoU on Water Management and Desalination

Indian IoT Startup Plugs Holes in Your Leaky Bucket

A Groundwater Crisis is Threatening to Erupt in India

Low-cost Desalination System for Dyeing Units

'Startup Europe India Network' to Help in Cross-fertilisation of Talent

India Goes Trenchless

Inverted Umbrella That Purifies Rainwater

Are Paleochannels An Answer to Water Crisis in India?

India and Hungary to Sign MoU on Water Management

Bangladesh Wants India As 'Stakeholder' In Ganges Barrage Project

10 Things to Know About Indus Water Treaty

Cauvery Basin to Get Real-time Water Flow Monitoring System

NABARD to Raise Rs 77,000 Crore to Fund Irrigation Projects

Hi-Tech Electroplating Plant Against Water Pollution

IRCTC to Provide Drinking Water at Stations

Vodafone's Rainwater-harvesting Billboards

First 'Open Defecation-Free' State in India

Indian State to Install 3,050 Solar Water Pumps

Clean India - innovative Community awareness approach by GoI

Not Enough Water to Interlink India's Rivers

500 Cities & Towns to Vie for 'Cleanest Area'

Nanomaterials-Based Water Technology for Arsenic-Free Water

Art of Living to set up Water Research Institute in Odisha

India Needs Water Before It Can Become the World’s Next Factory

Rains or not, India faces Drinking Water Crisis

Do Toilets Contaminate Groundwater?

A Student Designed a Cheap Water Purifier that Preserves the Mineral Richness

Yamuna polluted beyond control: Even its treated water can kill you

Government nod to pact with Taiwan for cooperation in agriculture sector

Indian Student Wins Prize For Waterless Toilet Design For Railways

KUWSDB Aims to Enter Bottled Water Business

India’s Severe Drought Causing Havoc

CII to launch water management tool in 10 districts

Ken-Betwa river linking project

India Signs $100-mn Loan Agreement with World Bank for Water Project

Karnataka’s Controversial River Rejuvenation Plan

PM Modi Urges to Save Every Drop of Water This Summer

Uttarakhand: With Centre’s Nod, Mining in Ganga to Resume

WABAG consortium wins over EURO 80 million Water Reclamation Plant Order

Water Startups Left High and Dry

Village to Cut PepsiCo Water Supplyv

India Is Suffering One of Its Worst Droughts in Decades

India's CPCB Received 241 Complaints Against Industries in 3 yrs

App helps farmer document agriculture activities

India Drought: Millions without Steady Water Supply

TCS announces release of TCS Intelligent Urban Exchange application for Intelligent Water

Maharashtra Drought: Only 3 Per Cent Water Left In Marathwada Dams

Water War: This River Could Sink China-India Relations

India Water Purifier Market Overview 2016

India Water Week 2016 Vigyan Bhawan New Delhi

Israel offers India assistance in water sector and Clean Ganga.


KCG Team Recovers 85% RO Waste Water

Live streaming of India Water Week 2016!!

Water in India, Expert Presentation

Bhandewadi Dumping Yard is Polluting Ground Water

Life - changing Innovative Water Treatment Technology in India

Solving India's Water Crisis - WWC Interview

Water Levels in India’s 91 Major Reservoirs Lower than 10-year Average

Maharashtra Industries Must Now Treat Effluent to a Reuseable Level

Water for Agriculture: The New Irrigation Thrust

Bengaluru Firm Launches Innovative Technology for Water Treatment

Water Table Mismanagement: An Ingenious Concept in Neglect

Hyderabad to Get Water ATMs Soon

ISRO to Map Villages to Find Water Resources in Karnataka

India Can Use Australian Expertise in Water Management

India Water Week 2016

A Drop of Innovation

Inching towards a crisis, drop by drop

CIMFR to make water potable in 25 mines

shOObh theme of the year 2016 is गंगा | GANGA

Indian Manifesto for Water

Fighting for Water in Bangalore

Rajasthan Launches People's Movement' to Battle Water Woes

150 Polluting Units along Ganga Shut by Indian Government

Jalandhar District Selected for Premier Irrigation Scheme

TS Engineers to Study KT Weir Technology in Maharashtra

Saving India's Vanishing Water Bodies

New Software For E-Connectivity of Agricultural Markets

Ganga water unfit even for bathing in Allahabad - Times of India

Only 918 Indus Dolphins Left

Bridging the Gender Gap on India’s Seas

Bengaluru may have to be evacuated in a decade if water crisis persists

Microfinance for Water and Sanitation

Over Exploitation of Groundwater in Pithampur

Chennai Floods Present a Lesson in Urban Planning

Poor water quality in five river basins in India

Seepage Increases at Mullaperiyar Dam

The Disappearing of Mysuru Waterbodies

US Ready to Offer Expertise to Clean Ganga

Water Purifier That Provides Arsenic Free Water

India's First Water Accelerator Program

Govt Asks Public to Contribute to Clean Ganga Fund

Cleaning of water resources through Vedic sciences

Indiscriminate Use of Groundwater for Farming

Aquifers, Participatory Groundwater Management and Groundwater Governance - Workshop by ACWADAM Pune

Tech-driven Water Supply in Urban Areas Stressed

Coconut Farmers to Set up Water and Soil Testing Lab

Mobile Startups and Development Agencies Helping Improve Water & Sanitation Awareness

Studying Ganga Water to Find Purifiying 'X-factor'

Inter-linking of rivers only solution: Pandya

PepsiCo Supporting Safe and Clean Water with Microcredit Markets in India

Government of Karnataka Water Resources Department Expression of Interest

Diverting Floodwater in India

Fighting Fluoride Poisoning in India

Using Water Isotopes Tracer Tech to Track Ganga's Origin

Corporates to Fix Sewage Along Ganga

Man Harvests Water for 10,000 People in Driest Part of India

Delhi Government Starts Toilet to Tap

India’s First Toilet College

$15m Worth of Toilets To Help Ganga Clean up

Water Levels in India’s Major Reservoirs Deficient by 40%

L&T Wins Rs 1,489 CR Water Treatment Orders

Chlorine gas leaks from sewerage treatment plant at Kasba Bawda (Maharashtra)

Ganga Rejuvenation Plan to Get Israel as Partner

Tannery Lawsuit

New Water Treatment Plant to Replace Chandrawal

Low cost and Eco-friendly way of treating water

About 35,000 solar water pumps installed in India against the 1,38,267 sanctioned

Foundation stone of technology based toilet project laid

Absolute Water Creates Revolutionary Water Treatment Technology

Hands-On Approach to Sanitation Problem

Clearford Water Systems Signs First India Contract

Nabard to Provide Credit to Farmers for Irrigation

India’s First Water Accelerator Program

Sanitation Campaign’s Free Toilets in India Unused

multilevel pool irrigation system