Smart STP AguaX Helps You Keep Track of Recycled Water

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Smart STP AguaX Helps You Keep Track of Recycled Water

Imagine an intelligent sewage treatment plant (STP). One that is IoT-enabled and has chemical sensors that indicate the pH value or acidicity level of the water treated, keep track of water used and conserved and of the plant, all through the tap of an app.

AguaX, built by Prajwal Setty N, a 21-year-old final-year student of National Institute of Engineering, Mysuru, is a smart STP, aiming to not only treat water to make it reusable but also install a decentralised artificial intelligence-enabled treatment plant for individual homes and apartment complexes.

jETiU03.jpgIt is a low cost, solar-powered STP and has chambers which can be fitted at six to seven feet below pipe level, making it easier to clean and maintain, unlike other STPs, which have systems that go up to 15 feet or more, making them hazardous to maintain.

According to estimates, an STP with dual-piping systems can cost up to a crore or more for a 150-apartment complex, with a running cost of approximately Rs 800 per month, per unit.

"For 100 flats, AguaX Smart STP (with an average of two bathrooms per flat) will range from 20 to 25 lakhs that will include the complete setup from construction to the end-enabled product. The system will have a running cost of ₹150 to 250 per month, per unit, depending on variable factors like organic solutions, small motor repairs, chemical refills, manpower among other things," says Setty who is working on projects in Mysuru and Bengaluru.

According to him, 60-70 % water in apartment complexes and 80% water in individual homes can be made reusable through his smart STP.

Setty along with a friend started to work on a smart system for automatic regulation of water in an individual house two years back. But soon he realised the potential of his research, when applied towards a sewage treatment plant, and started to work on it in May 2017.

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