Aquifers, Participatory Groundwater Management and Groundwater Governance - Workshop by ACWADAM Pune

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Aquifers, Participatory Groundwater Management and Groundwater Governance - Workshop by ACWADAM Pune

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Advanced Center for Water Resources Development and Management (ACWADAM), Pune, invites you to a two-day workshop on “ Aquifers, Participatory Groundwater Management and Groundwater Governance ” at YASHADA, Baner road, Pune – 411007, on 26th and 27th November 2015. The workshop is being organized under the aegis of the grant to ACWADAM by the Arghyam Trust. The background to the workshop is given below.

ACWADAM has been working on embedding the science of groundwater within water management initiatives in different parts of Maharashtra, engaging with various partners who themselves are working on a variety of water management models. We, along with our partners have aimed at integrating the concepts and principles of various path-breaking experiments like Pani Panchayat into many of our initiatives highlighting the balance between supply and demand management aspects of water resources, further strengthening the case for a variety of interventions rather than a one-case-fit-all solution wherein a single model at regional level would work in as geographically and culturally diverse a region such as Maharashtra.

The workshop will focus on three important aspects of groundwater resource:

a. Aquifers: the geological formation that holds and transmits groundwater. Aquifers are key to any strategy aimed at managing groundwater since their characteristics affect the availability, storage and transmission of groundwater in a watershed. They also reflect the common pool nature of groundwater resources.

b. Participatory Groundwater Management: Many efforts in the past were aimed at achieving equity and efficiency when it comes to managing groundwater. The principles of Participatory Groundwater Management aim at decentralizing the management of this fugitive resource bringing to forefront the common pool nature of this resource, highlighting the significance of equity, efficiency and sustainability.

c. Groundwater governance: The policy and legislative framework for groundwater management for the state needs to evolve further, particularly in light of the above two aspects.

We invite you to this workshop with the intention of seeking your inputs to share experiences as well as insights about aquifers, PGWM and groundwater governance. This workshop will be conducted in Marathi and we look forward to as much participation as possible so as to achieve a “shared learning experience” from the two days which will help in building mainstream strategies on groundwater management as part of policy and programme initiatives, in the coming years in Maharashtra.

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