"Know Their Story"

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"Know Their Story"


The status of the Indian economy is like a peacock, with beautiful fans displaying its range of colours in terms of the billionaires, while its feet which it tries to hide are ugly, with the lower class of society striving hard to make their ends meet. The sky scrapers lines the beautifully decorated roads with eye dazzling lights of the urban mainstream. The tall buildings rising high enough to touch the sky with fountains adding to the décor, gives a magnificent look to the developed cities of India. While the rich are living in luxurious complexes with rooftop swimming pools, cafeteria and other lavish arrangements to add to their comforts, there is a parallel India, where the people of the rural areas are deprived of even the fundamental resources for survival i.e. water, sanitation and hygiene. The deprivation and miseries of such people is brought out in the following case study of Nabashan village of Kustore Gram Panchayat located in Mejhia Block of Bankura district.