Blue ​Elixir'​s ​Rainwater ​Harvesting ​Structures for ​India

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Blue ​Elixir'​s ​Rainwater ​Harvesting ​Structures for ​India

Determined to solve the problem of water scarcity through water harvesting, by creating awareness and providing technical support, Nishant Kumar and Utkarsh Upadhyaya started Blue Elixir. 

DwU9uJe.jpg They implement rainwater harvesting structures. They install zero-liquid discharge systems and plan schemes for watershed management in rural areas.

Blue Elixir uses the following techniques to fulfill: 

Story behind the name

According to Nishant, "We gave a lot of thought to our firm’s name. ‘Elixir’ refers to an immortal potion or ‘amrit’ in Hindi and we represent water with the colour blue.

So ‘Blue Elixir’ basically means ‘neela amrit’, that is, water. PS: We are kind of addicted to Clash of Clans. The idea of the word ‘elixir’ actually popped from there. " 

Core service offerings

They handle construction and channelisation of a surface and rooftop rainwater harvesting. Zero liquid discharge system and watershed management are the majorly implemented schemes in rural areas.

WJDtNb6.jpgRevenue growth and projection

According to  Utkarsh, "In 2016, we did work of around Rs 20 lakh. This year, with proper management and better reach, we are hoping to generate three times of last year."

What is their market size?

54 percent of India faces high to extremely high water stress. In the initial phase of their business, they are targeting the urban population of cities in the eastern part of the country (Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Dhanbad, Patna, Bokaro, Kolkata, etc.).

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