How IoT-led Startup Faclon Labs Plans to Solve India’s Water Management Problem

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How IoT-led Startup Faclon Labs Plans to Solve India’s Water Management Problem

Faclon  Labs has developed a product that mines data at water pumping stations in rural and urban locations, and offers rich insights to help build efficient water management systems.

Founded in 2016 by IIT-B alumni Rishi Sharma, Archit Naraniwal, and Utkarsh Srivastava, it has built a solution using data mining technologies and predictive analytics to detect leaks, track supply, and provide insights on local water consumption patterns.

Its work focuses on ensuring efficient use of water in urban locations, where the natural resource is becoming increasingly scarce. What began as a college project in Maharashtra went on to become an IoT-enabled device solution deployed across 100-plus locations in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Mumbai.


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The IoT-led product

Faclon Labs’ end-to-end solution consists of sensors, transmitters and actuators that track water data, from its level to pressure and flow rate, and upload that data to the cloud. Next comes data processing, where tonnes of data points collected daily are processed and analysed to detect consumption patterns and offer insights into water usage across areas.

This processed data can be utilised in tracking daily/weekly consumption, matching demand with supply, detecting leakages in prior, and so on. The data insights are accessible remotely via Faclon’s web and mobile applications. The IoT solution can also live-monitor water levels in tanks and reservoirs, and develop early warning systems to avert emergencies and crises.

Faclon Labs even offers solar-powered devices that bring down energy consumption and reduce maintenance and plumbing expenses.

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