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India Water ProfessionalsAll water professionals with experience in India and attendees of the annual India Water week are welcome to exchange experience, data, case studies, ideas and technology. Presentations from India Water Weeks are published in the Library collections for each year.

GST in India does not have the word "water purifier" or "water filter"

Invitation to Collaborate

Senior Policy Advisor - Water and Sanitation

4 out of 10 rural households travel every day for drinking water

About Mechanism

By-Founder & CEO - Water Parliament - Indian Youth Parliament (initiative by Media Foundation)

Flood Forecasting Models and Flood Warning System

River Front Developments of major Indian cities - Do we need to work out standards

Solution Providers

Arsenic Contamination in Water

Cheap Water Filter

Cleaning Bellandur Lake of Bangaluru, India

Encourage use of soil water sensors in irrigated agricuture

water recycling

Rain Water Harvesting Pit

Septic Tank with Wastewater Treatment

Design and Construction of Water Courses - Guidelines (Issue of new IS 16472 :2016)

How to help restore The Dal Lake

Need Support to Make Surat a Water Resilient City

Which Right Key (from the Whole) Unlocks Cooperation for Trans-Boundary Water between Nepal and India ?

Is गंगा | GANGA a Difficult Subject to Paint & Shoot

Can composting toilet system solve sanitation issues in India and other countries?

India fails to tackle groundwater crisis

Revision of Bureau of Indian Standards' Codes Needed

Scarcity of water resources in Rajasthan and willful wastage of water in Rajasthan

Linking of rivers / Increasing water use efficiency for increasing water availability

What is the best & economical way of municipal waste water treatment?

magazine on water in India to publish an article.

Water laws for "Water Sharing" to avoid dispute in India.

Maharashtra may get Rain via Cloud Seeding - is it worth taking a chance?

Ganga will be cleaned and rejuvenated by July 2018 - Minister Of Water Resources assures

Unscientific dredging of rivers and tributaries

Fast depleting ground water is dangerous to Agriculture of India

Water scarcity in India

Overall Market Size of Water Filters in India 2016

Sea Water Level Rise

Controlling solid waste in rivers and lakes

shOObh theme of the year 2016

Country's largest fertilizer firm Iffco earmarks Rs 10 crore for startups

A critical centrality to farmers and Farming and Lives and Livelihoods

Revisiting WSS sector: A Paradigm shift towards Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM)


Chennai Rain and Flood Disaster - time to think about unplanned urbanisation

Stop Consumption Slaving

Data for Water Quality of River Ganga and Yamuna

Process of identifying the actual cost of water

Government Of India To Give money To Every Household For Construction Of A Toilet in UP

How to better manage transboundary rivers between India, Bangladesh?

Water sector situation in India - ten facts

Requesting, people & organizations connected with water utilities management in West Bengal to kindly get in touch please.

80% of India’s surface water may be polluted, report by international body says

TiE - Helping agriculture tech firms in India

River Rejuvenation

Is there any report related to the status of water quality monitoring infrastructure/capability in India?

Building Toilets in Rural India? There's an App for That.

3 Maps Explain India’s Growing Water Risks


Android app to track Ganga pollution

"India Water Tool - Every Indian water professional should see this."

irrigation projects lying unused in Maharashtra - near 88 %

National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) - Announced Market Conference

An ancient technology is helping India’s “water man” save thousands of parched villages

Should govt give grants for sanitation projcets?

"Jal Shab Vahini" flagged off from Gujarat

Water analysis at Rishikesh

New machine to make water

How to Index sanitation / hygiene indicators ?

What are the best Closed borewell recharge technique.

Apply for the - Securing Water for Food Innovations Challenge

maps explain India’s growing water risks

Detoxifying Indian water

Infosys builds India Water Tool for WBCSD

Subsidised water in Delhi - Do you think free water leads to abused water use?

Best practices on Fecal Sludge Management in India

Community Mobilization Techniques for improving water use efficiency

Training and capacity Building in Water Resources management

Water Untouched: A film on Dalits' lack of access- Watch this video

Coin-operated 'she-toilets' set to make it to Mumbai - Any one know about these toilets?

Do you think that the Targets for Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) will be achived by 2019?

Apply for the India NGO Awards 2015.

Provision of 20 kilolitres of free water supply for every household in Delhi - What are the major challenges to achieve this vision?

How to remove chlorine taste from water?

India and Germany Discussed Various Challenges and Solutions Related to Water and Waste Management

Israel to open centres of excellence for farmers in India

5 Toilet Myths in India - A must read blog by Amitangshu Acharya

Emergency sanitation practices.

India’s Food Security Threatened by Groundwater Depletion- says expert

Arsenic-affected village now selling packaged drinking water - Thanks to new technolgy

Conflict among Indian states on water sharing

India Builds Solar Plants atop Canals to Save on Land, Water - Is this sustainable?

Together with Water Network team, I will share some Recent happenings from Indian Water Sector.

What is water poverty index and where can I get data to calculate one for India?

India's river-cleaning project facing stagnation


Ganga Rejuvenation programme

Reasons of low water use efficiency in irrigation Projects in India.


Forecasting of Extreme Rain cases like Uttarakhand June2013, J & K Flooding September 2014

Disadvantages of application of excess water for irrigation of crops



today"s inauguration at Vigan Bhavan

Some question about this years event.

Pioneer work done by Rajasthan state of India for protection of water resources in Rajasthan

Guidelines for Medium, Major and Multipurpose Irrigation Projects

Safe Drinking,Cooking,Bathing and Swimming Water $Sanitation for Communities

Water Management Through Participatory Approach

Low water use efficiency in irrigation projects in Inida

Rice with Drip.......Beleive your eyes! So little water,Still Tons of Rice.

Indian farmers use soil mositure sensors?

Geospatial Technology Applications in Water Resources

How to reuse water for irrigation?

Agenda for the India Water Week 2015

India Water Week 2015 is announced !!!

J&K floods alerts us about the flood management

When is the India Water Week is planned for this year?

Aquatech India, to be held May 6-8, 2014 in New Delhi, India

Has seawater quality any impact on desalinated water quality ?

How to integratedly mitigate the fluoride at source of supply of drinking water by adsorbtive materials feasible for project ?

Adaptive capacity of water institutions to climate change

Urban flood management - Indian approach

Wastewater use in agriculture

technical papers for the conference.

Problems making conference payment online


Prof Brij Gopal speaking at the Living Rivers Dying Rivers series lecture on Yamuna

How to use ICTs to promote efficient water management?


Dam rehabilitation technologies