Coin-operated 'she-toilets' set to make it to Mumbai - Any one know about these toilets?

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Back from Kerala where they saw the concept in action, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation's (BMC) Solid Waste Management (SWM) department officials are planning to soon start ‘she-toilets' in Mumbai for women.

The she-toilets are technology driven and Kerala was the first state to introduce the concept three years ago. She-toilets consist of stainless steel toilet booths which have a coin-operated door, a sanitary napkin vending machine, an incinerator to burn the napkins and automatic flush. The most important feature of she-toilets is an attached bacterial tank in which the waste will undergo biodegradation and only water will be left. The civic body has decided to go ahead with a pilot project in 11 locations in the island city. The SWM department is in the process of finalising the locations where these toilets can be set up in about a month's time. SWM department's Executive Engineer, U A Shiroorkar had gone to Kerala on January 24 with other engineers to understand the project. -

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