An ancient technology is helping India’s “water man” save thousands of parched villages

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First of all congratulations to Mr.Water Man of India for achieving the recent water award...

I just happened to read this article about "An ancient technology is helping India's "water man" save thousands of parched villages" -

which says-

In 1985, a 28-year-old manfrom Uttar Pradesh quit his government job, left his family and arrived in the dead of the night at a small village in Rajasthan's Alwar district.

Rajendra Singh, along with four companions from theTarun Bharat Sangh, a non-profit thattraces its origins to the University of Rajasthan, wanted to work in the hinterland. The initial idea was to establish clinics. "Maybe it was some social chromosomes that fired my imagination to do something useful," Singh said in an interview."I was a government servant in Jaipur, fed up with just sending statistics to officials."

It look him a few monthsbefore finding his life's mission—and it took an ancient innovation, a fast disappearing traditional technology, to help him transform the lives of thousands of villagers in one of India's most arid regions.

On March 20, Singh was awarded the 2015 Stockholm Water Prize,sometimes described as the Nobel prize for water.

Lets we all support Our Water Man for his good work.