Infosys builds India Water Tool for WBCSD

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WBCSD chose Infosys as their strategic sustainability partner to develop the India Water Tool. This tool helps companies understand and thereby manage water-related issues across their operations in India. see the website for details

Joppe Cramwinckel (Director, Water, WBCSD), Joe Phelan (Director, WBCSD India) and Hannah Greig (India Water Tool Coordinator, WBCSD) discuss the need for the India Water Tool, which is a part of their Global Water Tool. The India Water Tool provides companies with accurate and credible water data at a block-level, on the availability and quality of water at specific sites. With the help of this tool, companies can better assess their water risks and manage water usage more efficiently in India. Infosys was chosen for its deep sustainability domain knowledge, technology expertise and understanding of the Indian market.