Linking of rivers / Increasing water use efficiency for increasing water availability

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Govt of India wants to take up linking of rivers in a big way. But it is silent regarding improving water use efficiency from 40% to 90%.

Govt can do that very easily if it changes its old policy and takes up construction of water courses/ field channels at Govt cost in all irrigation projects; whether already constructed / under construction or yet to be constructed.

This will be much cheaper than linking of rivers and very easy to implement and results can be achieved even if partial work is done.

My opinion is based on the work done by me for two years on two canals of Gudha Irrigation Project District Bundi: Rajasthan State  (India)  under Action Research Programme in association with "United States Agency for International Development" (USAID ) during the period 1986 t0 1989.

Research paper based on my work is available on google drive: (free of charge).

It is also attached herewith.