Fast depleting ground water is dangerous to Agriculture of India

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Fast depleting ground water is dangerous to Agriculture of India

The agriculture sector is dependent on ground water extracted by farmers using tube wells. 89 percent ground water use is for agriculture. The agriculture dependent on surface water is less. It is very difficult to recharge ground water at every place, where as ground water got stored blow ground in centuries. As the water for agriculture is extracted in large quantities through tube wells, the water level in open wells and in tube wells bored for drinking water is lowering at a very fast rates. There are dark zones in most of the districts of India. What will happen when 95 percent ground water in an aquifer will be extracted for agriculture. The situation has further deteriorated as the natural drainage channel areas are being used for domestic and commercial buildings and development works, preventing free flow of water to the downstream areas. mining activities are also causing large scale wastage of precious water and lowering water table. The farmers may be allowed to grow less water consuming crops, but not the rice and sugar cane etc. it is high time that Modi Govt may bring a legislation for stoppage of extracting ground water for agriculture etc and disallowing sowing of high water consuming crops dependent on ground water.

It is my perception that if the unplanned and unrestricted use of ground water is not checked by strict laws in India, then fast depleting ground water may reach to a stage when no ground water will be available for any human use like agriculture, drinking etc in most of the India. Then India has to purchase food grains from countries having surplus food grains like USA. Is India is willing to accept that situation?