Which Right Key (from the Whole) Unlocks Cooperation for Trans-Boundary Water between Nepal and India ?

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Hello ​everyone in ​this ' ​ Think-Pool ' !

With interest ​and by ​profession, I ​have been ​engaged in the ​South Asian ​Water ​Governance ​debate through ​national/​international ​speech, ​opinions and ​publications in ​frequent ​occasions. ​

As several ​previous ​attempts did ​not bring ​results as were ​expected,  ​I am so much ​keen to ​discover the ​right key for ​cooperation for ​water between ​Nepal and India.​

What is that ​key you think ​unlocks ​cooperation for ​water between ​Nepal and India ​?

Good Times,

Acharya, G.