Tamil Nadu Water Technology Center

Tamil Nadu Water Technology Center


Water Technology Centre (WTC) at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) is one among the three such centres in the country which was established during 1982 to cater to the needs of the Southern region in relation to research, extension and teaching. It plays a key role in making an assessment of the available resources of water and economic utilization for maximizing agricultural production with suitable on-farm water management practices developed for different situations. Over the years, the centre has grown up in terms of infrastructural facilities, staff positions, research and training activities and it stands foremost among the institutions devoted for water management issues.

The Water Technology Centre which encompasses five inter-disciplinary units viz., Agronomy, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Economics, Crop Physiology and Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry are involved in developing a package of practices with the main focal theme on increasing Water Use efficiency ( WUE) with simultaneous increase in crop production. Some of the major thrust areas given due recognition are: cropping system and water management, micro irrigation and fertigation, watershed management, conjunctive use, water quality and waste water recycling, agricultural drainage and water policy. Besides, the Centre is handling State Government aided plan schemes, international collaborative schemes, Government of India schemes, ICAR schemes and private agency funded schemes.

  1. To conduct, coordinate and promote applied water research through multi-disciplinary approach.
  2. To collect, collate and disseminate information relating to available water resources and water management research and effective utilization of water.
  3. To function as a nodal agency for planning, programming and policy making in the management of water at all levels.
  4. To act as a nerve-centre in organizing workshops, seminars, training programs at national and international levels and to conduct short courses to acquire broad understanding of all aspects of water technology and management