Analytical Reference Laboratory

Analytical Reference Laboratory

ARL was established in 1987 in East Perth to provide services to detect high pesticide residue levels in beef fats throughout Australia. ARL initially provided analytical monitoring services for agricultural purposes such as meat and eggs, vegetables and other food and produce.

Over the next ten years, ARL expanded by developing an inorganics and occupational hygiene capability, and established a capability to set up and operate field laboratories.

In 2006, ARL moved to Welshpool, Perth, and occupied a modern customised laboratory building. At that time, ARL also expanded its client base to include several clients in Asia and the Middle East.

Major long-term contracts awarded to ARL include:

• Analysis of drinking water, bottled water, wastewater, treated water and source water for water services providers
• Analysis of surface water (lakes, rivers), groundwater, saline water, geothermal water, wastewater, effluent, biosolids, sediment, biological material and soil samples for large projects for environmental consultants
• Monitoring and analysis of groundwater, bore water, leachate, process and effluent water for the oil and gas, chemical and mining industries
• Analysis of industrial hygiene samples (water, soil, sediment, asbestos and air) for the mining industry and industrial / occupational hygiene consultants
• Analysis of water, trade (industrial) waste, effluent, soil, sediment, asbestos and air samples for port authorities, construction & demolition, and waste management companies
• Analysis of soil, water and biological material samples for pesticides for the Government sector
• Analysis of biosolid material and soils for miscellaneous organic contaminants, nutrients and inorganic contaminants for the water sector.

The current focus of ARL is to expand the business.