Alara Advisory Services LLP


Alara Advisory Services LLP is a niche advisory and consulting firm that aims at providing a comprehensive service and support to create an atmosphere conducive to optimum growth of the establishment. Alara boasts a core team of young and energetic experts who are driven by a ‘go-getter’ attitude and the counsel of veterans in the field. We help every client to setup, establish and grow.
Alara Advisory Services LLP was conceptualized with the aim of providing extensive support and consultancy services to various infrastructure and infra-engineering companies. We have a team of proficient counsellors who hold virtuoso in all matters regarding infrastructure set-up in India. We extend the same knowledge and aim to help our clients with our extensive customer service orientation.
The company is a brain child of Mr. Shivam Shukla, who has an immense knowledge regarding all the stages and formalities involved in this field. Mr. Aansh Jagwani Joined hands with Shivam in this pursuit of creating a single stop solution to all infrastructure and Infra-engineering companies with his immense networking and deep knowledge of the infrastructure. Aansh and Shivam share more than a decade of camaraderie and both of them felt the need of a comprehensive consultancy service to help infrastructure companies throughout the process. The Alara dynamic duo aims to get the profession the respect it deserves through smart work, efficient strategizing and end to end support. 
The extensive Pre-Bid and post bid Advisory Services of Alara Advisory Services is specially designed to assist companies to plan and device strategies before starting a project. Alara strives to provide a comprehensive service to national and international organisations who are willing to establish themselves in the Indian Market. We understand the perplexities of establishing a company. We also provide a plethora of services to the foreign entities looking for a single stop consultancy. We represent the company in all aspects starting from ground work to liaise with government departments and helps the company grow and function freely without any hindrance.
ALARA Advisory with foraging knowledge and network in the 'Highways, Bridges and Structures' sector, helps the client with planning, designing and supervising highways, expressways and other field related contract or project management.Our services in Water Resources Sector cover the major sectors like Irrigation, Planning and Detail Design, Mechanized Irrigation, Dam Reservoir Engineering, etc. Alara helps its public clients to devise different ways of effective implementation of infrastructure and social projects, maximize the return of investment and ensure bankability.On the other hand, helps its private clients to have a clear understanding of the infrastructure projects. The services include market study, structuring, documentation, negotiations with investors, etc